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Holiday Guide for Rhodes island of Greece

Rhodes: (Rhodos-Rodos-Rodi) is the largest of a group of 12 islands (Dodecanese) in the south east Aegean Sea It is one of the largest and most beautiful Greek islands. The island of the sun and the sea, dedicated from ancient times to the light-giving Apollo, ‘’ Heliousa Rodos’’ ( Heliousa meaning sun in Greek), on the crossroads of civilizations. Rhodes is the home of the sun. according to statistics, the sun shines 270 days a year, though as already mentioned, the rainfall is sufficient for the island to be quite green. Many hills are covered with forests, while the vine, the olive and the orange trees flourish. The temperature ranges from 15 -17*C in winter, from 25 -27*C in spring and can rise to 32*C in summer. The atmosphere is always pleasant due to the breeze which usually blows. It is an island of 120,000 habitants, cosmopolitan, which charms visitors with its history, the archaeology, the beaches and nightlife, and offers hospitality to a million tourists a year.

Your must visit….
On Rhodos, you must allow some time for visits to sights. Even if you do not have much time, you should visit the basic sights referred to below.
Rhodes Town:
Fortress of the Knights of St John, the Palace, the Old Town. The alleys of the old town present a unique colour, along with the Street of the Knights and the palace of the Grand Master. The archaeological Museum with exhibits of the history of the island is housed in the Knights’ Hospital. Ancient Acropolis on the Hill of St Steven ( Monte Smith). It is worth visiting the ancient town of Rhodes which was surrounded by walls 15 km in length. There are no ruins of the ancient town now, but you can enjoy the temple of Pythian Apollo and the Ancient Theatre among others.
Eastern Rodos:
The Virgin Mary Tsambika. The Protector of pregnant women is in the church is built on the top of hill with an extensive view towards the sea and the beaches. However, it needs a real effort to climb the hundreds steps which lead to the Church of the Virgin.
Lindos: This is the most important sight of the eastern side of the island. The ancient city with its acropolis, the traditional settlement which surrounds it and the golden beaches on the lacelike cost on each side of the town make for an amazing sight.
South Rhodes:
At the southern part of the island, under the same blue of the Rhodian sky, but different, untouched still, with its own atmosphere, South Rhodes lies in wait for visitors, to delight them with its own special charms and to remind them the authentic Greece they are aware of! In its hospitable small villages the people know how to enjoy life with simplicity and verve and how to keep alive their age-old traditions. Low green mountains, cool valleys, shady woods and biotopes of rare species of animals and birds make up pictures, which calm the senses. Deserted chapels, monasteries, medieval castles and traditional villages add another dimension to the landscape. And in the end there is always the sea: Little hidden and deserted coves alternate with boundless stretches of golden beach, from Kiotari, Gennadi and Lachania to Plimmyri and from Apolakkia to Prasonisi, a veritable paradise for windsurfers.
Central Rhodos:
You cannot claim to have seen Rhodes if you only visit beautiful Lindos and charming City of Rhodes. There is also a large number of places to visit which you can include in your programme according to taste. Your decisions depend on the season you are travelling in. in spring, a carpet of wild flowers covers the great plain in the centre of the island, while most people would still consider the sea too cold for swimming. At the beginning of summer, the broom flowers, filling the slopes with yellow, while the oleanders decorate the banks of the streams. In the height of summer, the mountains and the villages of the centre are of more interest, partly through being cooler. Then all the places come to life as the villages fill up for a few weeks with the locals who spend the rest of the time in town. The cafes and the taverns are full again. If you do not like that, you have but to search out the byzantine churches in isolated places, enjoy the solitude of the monasteries, visit the castle of the Knights, or just relax in the shade of an orange tree or an olive tree.

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